Small equipment, devices and tools

Small equipment, devices and tools

Shipchandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory on a permanent basis. We work around the clock, we provide the vessel with everything you need to go on a voyage. You can buy small equipment, measuring instruments, equipment for servicing the ship’s systems with delivery on board.

Upon request, we will find and deliver everything you need on the flight. Individual, retail and wholesale orders are available. We offer a wide range of orders, reasonable prices, information support. Our ship chandlers will bring for you everything you need to maintain and repair the vessel.

Additionally, you can order services from partners that will help prepare the ship for arrival at the port, make sanitary maintenance or check the performance of systems. Shipchandler services from TAS will allow you to purchase everything you need at sea on favorable terms.

Shipchandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory

Our team has been providing complex support for ships for many years. We work around the clock, pick up and deliver on board small equipment, inventory, working fluids, power supplies, etc., as agreed.

The benefits of working with us include:

  1. Round the clock work. Orders are accepted around the clock by phone.
  2. Service speed. If you have a standard order, you can receive goods and products on the same day you apply.
  3. Punctuality. Deliveries are made strictly within the framework of the agreement. Demurrage of the vessel in the port due to untimely rendered ship chandler services is excluded .
  4. Favorable prices. You receive profitable offers from manufacturers of goods and our partners. We work without intermediaries and can offer the best conditions for cooperation.
  5. Large range of goods. TAS has a proven supplier base that can offer thousands of items. You have the opportunity to profitably make purchases from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Do you need to secure a vessel in the port? Maintenance, delivery of products or equipment? Call the phone on the site, discuss the details of cooperation with our managers and decide on the delivery time.

We offer affordable high quality ship chandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory. Make your order list today, or save your contacts.

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