Marine equipment and spare parts

Marine equipment and spare parts

Marine equipment parts include hundreds of items used to repair and upgrade ship systems. Shipchandler’s company TAS is engaged in complex servicing of ships, selection and delivery of equipment that will be needed on the voyage. You can order any mechanisms and devices for repair and maintenance from us.

Equipment range

Shipchandler services include the delivery of any equipment to the ship. We serve vessels of all types, we deliver goods, we provide repair services. We have the following types of machines available:

  • Safety equipment;
  • Galley and cabin fittings;
  • Deck equipment;
  • Equipment for fire-fighting and rescue work;
  • Other.

Everything that you may need on the ship can be ordered with delivery to the deck. Decide on the list of goods and call by phone. We work in all ports of the Krasnodar Territory, we offer an individual approach to each order, we help to prepare for the flight inexpensively and on time.

Buy spare parts and ship equipment

TAS offers a wide range of mechanisms for various purposes. Our database includes proven suppliers, domestic and foreign manufacturers, who guarantee the quality of their goods at a reasonable price. You can view product options in specialized catalogs or make a list of necessary things for the manager.

Call by phone, discuss the details of cooperation, confirm the order. Delivery of goods will be within the scope of the contract. We work without delays, delays and delays.

Shipchandler services from TAS will allow you to quickly and inexpensively purchase equipment, spare parts needed to service the vessel. The entire range of products has certification, licenses and quality assurance. You can be sure that you are buying a licensed and quality product.

Wholesale and retail orders are available. We will find and deliver on board any equipment from standard orders to exclusive movements and brands. Decide on the list of goods, call by phone, select the delivery time.

We offer quality goods, timely services and support at all levels of cooperation. Shipchandler’s company TAS offers a comprehensive supply of equipment and materials for ships for the stable operation of the unit’s systems. Call today or save your contacts.

Other services
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