Soft drinks

Soft drinks

Shipchandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory around the clock. The TAS company offers comprehensive provision of ships with food, non-alcoholic beverages, and technical goods. Shipchandlers will collect and deliver everything you need for a comfortable flight.

Product range

We will get and bring to order any non-alcoholic drinks. We work with a large base of suppliers, we can offer a huge range of products. At your service:

  • Cold tea;
  • Drinking water;
  • Juices;
  • Kvass;
  • Good Cola;
  • Fanta;
  • Other.

We work without intermediaries, we can offer favorable prices, several options for gradation of orders. Call by phone and choose the drinks you need on the flight.

How to order soft drinks?

Decide on the range of products, its quantity. Call the phone on the site, discuss with the manager the details of the order and delivery time. If the terms of cooperation are suitable, wait for the delivery at the appointed time.

Shipchandler’s services are rendered in a timely manner and to the extent stipulated by the cooperation. We can order everything you need to provide your vessel.

5 reasons to order ship chandler services from us

  1. Large range of goods. We work with a database of manufacturers who can offer a wide range of products at a reasonable price. You get the opportunity to choose any drinks that you need on the flight.
  2. Affordable prices. We work without intermediaries. You buy the goods you need without overpayments and hidden fees.
  3. Quality. All goods are kept in compliance with the rules of storage, have a proven quality. You can be sure that only the best foods are included in your diet.
  4. Round the clock work. We accept orders around the clock, without holidays and weekends. You can order ship chandler services at any port of the Krasnodar Territory, there are no time limits for collecting applications.
  5. Urgency. You can get products on the same day you apply, if you do not have exclusive positions. Our ship chandlers will deliver the products as part of the door-to-door service without delays or delays.

Do you need to provide the ship with food, technical goods, household chemicals? Give us a call and apply today. Our company will make sure that you have everything you need for safety and comfort during your flight.

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