Bakery products

Bakery products

TAS provides ship chandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory. Here you can order bakery products, meat, dairy products and other foodstuffs with delivery to the ship around the clock.

We work with any orders, we serve all vessels, we offer the best solutions for the complete provision of the vessel. Make a list of orders and call by phone today.

Assortment of bakery products

We collect and deliver any bakery products for you. Most often we order:

  • Bread;
  • Crackers;
  • Bakery products;
  • Muffin;
  • Diet bread.

Shipchandler services from our company will help you get fresh produce at a reasonable price. We work with our own base of manufacturers whom we have trusted for years. You can be sure that there will be safe, tasty products on the table.

How to order goods for a ship?

We work in all ports of the Krasnodar Territory. If you need bakery products, food for the voyage, ship maintenance, call the number on the site.

Make a list of products and goods, discuss delivery details with managers. You will receive your order as agreed. Our team works to ensure that customers receive ship chandler services in a timely manner and in full.

We guarantee that the ordered goods will be of high quality and safe. Thanks to our supplier base, we can offer reasonable prices and a wide range of items. Make your choice today and place an order.

 Benefits of cooperation with us

  1. Round the clock work. Orders are accepted around the clock without days off and holidays.
  2. Large selection of items. Thanks to our suppliers, we can offer the widest possible range of products. You will have everything you need for a good meal on the flight.
  3. Favorable prices. We offer a reasonable price, wholesale orders, individual terms of cooperation for regular customers. You can order everything you need on the flight on favorable terms.
  4. Speed. Shipchandler services are provided by agreement. Many items are available on the same day.

Our company appreciates your time and understands how important it is to be as prepared as possible for the flight. Make your list of goods today, formulate an order and call by phone. We will make sure you get everything on time.

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