Services from partners

Services from partners

Shipchandler company TAS is engaged in the complex supply of ships with all the necessary things for sending on a voyage. Here you can order food, spare parts and equipment for repairs, consumables. In addition, our partners will make sure that you have access to all the services you need before setting off on the water.

Shipchandler services  from partners will allow you to put the documents in order, prepare the ship for sailing, check the performance of the systems.

Services from partners

Our partners will perform the following list of services for you:

  • Inspection of ships afloat;
  • Repair of the underwater part of the hull and its cleaning;
  • Deadwood and stock sealing;
  • Hydraulic works.

You receive high quality services around the clock. If you need something from the list, food, technical support, call the phone number on the site. We will make sure that  shipchandler services  are provided in full and in a timely manner.

Shipchandler’s company TAS and partners are fully preparing the vessels for sailing. Our team works seven days a week and holidays so that you have everything you need to ensure comfort and safety. Call today or save contacts.

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