Ensuring proper nutrition on board is important for the physical and moral condition of the crew. Food is taken even more seriously if the ship is hosting guests. The diet contains various products, including conservation.

Canned food is ordered to the ship with the same regularity as dairy products, only in larger quantities. This is because canned foods last longer. Shipchandler’s company TAS offers high-quality preservation for a complete diet.

Upon request, we will bring everything you need from canned products, we will make sure that the products are delivered on time and selected according to your requirements. We work with a proven base of suppliers who can provide high quality goods at a reasonable price.

Assortment of conservation on the ship

Shipchandler services will allow you to order any canned food that is part of your diet. Upon request, we will deliver:

  • Salads;
  • Canned vegetables;
  • Fruit;
  • Mixes;
  • Other.

Preservation for the ship meets all the requirements of state standards, is of high quality and variety. Along with any food, you can order everything you need.

We understand that canned food on a ship is an opportunity to diversify the diet and provide good nutrition in long-haul voyages. All collected orders are delivered in full, on time.

5 reasons to order conservation from us

  1. Your suppliers. We have a large base of suppliers with whom we have been working for years. We are confident in the products of these entrepreneurs, they can offer reasonable prices for our customers. You will always know what is on your table and eat delicious food without overpayments.
  2. Prices. Thanks to working without intermediaries, TAS offers a wide range of conservation at an affordable price. Here you will find food for every budget.
  3. Round the clock work. We work without holidays and weekends. You can place an order at any time of the day by phone on the site.
  4. Speed. Preservation on the vessel is delivered within the framework of the agreement without delay, excuses and delay.
  5. Quality. We work only with quality products and goods. This is evidenced by the reviews of regular customers , the availability of licenses.

We provide ship chandler services in any port of the Krasnodar Territory, we provide food for any ships. Need a food supply? Call now!

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