Frozen fish and seafood

Frozen fish and seafood

Full meals on the ship ensure the crew’s ability to work and the pleasure of the guests from the trip. The menu is compiled by chefs depending on the type of vessel and the preferences of the team. Frozen fish and seafood are included in the diet at the same level as meat , dairy products, pastries.

The shipchandler company TAS offers round-the-clock provision of ships with food in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory. You can order fish and any seafood with delivery to the ship. Shipchandler services will allow you to get groceries, household chemicals and other goods on the same day.

We serve all types of vessels, we work quickly, we are responsible for the quality of our deliveries. Place your order and call us today.

Order fish and seafood on board

Our team includes former sailors who know the specifics of food on a voyage from the inside. They make sure that shipchandler services for our clients are timely, high quality and relevant.

It is profitable to order fish and seafood on a ship from our company. You’ll get:

  • a wide range of products to choose from. We have our own database of suppliers with whom we have been working for years. They can guarantee the quality of their products and their safety;
  • reasonable price. We only work with manufacturers. This avoids overpayments, questionable goods and non-fulfillment of obligations;
  • speed. You can place an order around the clock. If you do not have exclusive positions, you have every chance to receive your products on the day of the order;
  • quality. Our ship chandlers ensure the correct storage of products, timely orders, strict inspection of each batch. You can be sure that delicious fish and seafood are on your table.

We will collect and bring for you any food that you need for a complete diet. Place your order today, give us a call.

Why us?

  1. The Shipchandler company TAS has been operating on the market for many years. We have a permanent, formed team, a database of suppliers of goods and a well-functioning system of work. You are guaranteed to receive quality services.
  2. Reasonable prices. Shipchandlers are not intermediaries. Our task is to provide ships, not to play with prices. You will receive the most favorable offers and timely provision of the vessel.
  3. Speed. We work around the clock, seven days a week. This allows you to receive ship chandler services in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory at any time when you need them.

Make a list of goods and contact our manager today.

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