Port of Tuapse

Port of Tuapse

The private ship chandler company TAS offers a comprehensive service for ships in the port of Tuapse. Here you can order food, household chemicals, household goods, fuels and lubricants at competitive prices. We work around the clock, without days off and holidays.

If necessary, we will send a repair team to your ship, provide diagnostics of working systems, and deliver rescue materials. Shipchandler services in the port of Tuapse at competitive prices are real. You will get everything you need to be comfortable on board today. Call and order everything you need today.

Provision of products

Shipchandler’s services include providing ships with delicious, nutritious meals. Upon request, we will bring all the products that are necessary for your crew. Available for selection:

  • Fish and seafood;
  • Bakery products;
  • The drinks;
  • Conservation;
  • Sausages and meat;
  • Vegetables and fruits;
  • Other.

You can order everything you need for proper crew nutrition from us. We offer high quality products, a large assortment, low prices.

Technical supply of ships

Need boat maintenance, spare parts, fuel or lubricants? Give us a call and order whatever you need today. We will collect and deliver for you:

  1. Spare parts and ship equipment.
  2. Emergency supplies.
  3. Tools, devices and small equipment.
  4. Consumables.

Services from partners

Our company helps to fully provide the vessel with everything you need for its stable operation. If necessary, you can order the services of our partners, which include:

  • Cleaning the underwater part of the hull;
  • Inspection of the ship afloat;
  • Baller and gatewood sealing;
  • Hydrotechnical work.

We work with proven people who are responsible for the quality of their work. You can be sure that everything will be done right.

Order ship chandler services in Tuapse

Our company operates around the clock, without holidays and weekends. We provide our customers with quality products, timely repairs and assistance. If you need to service your boat, call today.

Save our contacts in a notebook, it’s hard to imagine in what situation we can come in handy. TAS is your reliable supplier and partner in the port of Tuapse.

Other services
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