Rescue and fire fighting equipment

Rescue and fire fighting equipment

The emergency equipment and devices must be complete. In some situations, this can save the life of the crew, and the captain of the ship – money.

The private ship chandler company TAS offers the possibility of a complete set of the vessel at competitive prices. We work with licensed products, serve all types of ships.

Shipchandler services in the Krasnodar Territory

Shipchandler services are available in all ports of the Krasnodar Territory. You can order rescue equipment, food, fuel, lubricants for the ship from us.

We work around the clock, we offer a wide range of items of goods, we provide high quality goods, timely delivery.

Thanks to a large supplier base, we can guarantee a reasonable price for goods, their high quality. We work without intermediaries, with proven domestic and foreign brands.

Our ship chandlers will find and bring on request any emergency equipment for your vessel. Call the phone on the site and fill out an application.

Rescue equipment for the ship

You can order any accessories and devices for rescue and emergency purposes from us. Most often, the ship is ordered:

  • Gas-filled vests;
  • Working life jackets;
  • Boats;
  • Protective suits;
  • Breathing kits;
  • Inventory;
  • Other.

Additionally, fire-fighting equipment, fire extinguishing equipment, etc. are ordered for the ship. Shipchandler services from our company will allow you to get everything you need to supply the vessel on a voyage.

We will deliver the ordered equipment within the framework of the contract, carry out the technical supply of the vessel, recommend services from partners (cleaning the underwater part of the hull from microorganisms, painting).

Our company has been engaged in the complex supply of ships for many years, we have a well-functioning system of work, proven channels for the supply of goods and a reliable team.

You can be sure that you will receive high-quality and affordable services for the supply of ships and preparation for voyages.

Need shipchandler servicesfood, technical equipment? Call the phone and let the managers know your needs. We will make sure that all ordered goods and services are received on time and in full.

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