Consumables: oils, lubricants, ropes

Consumables: oils, lubricants, ropes

Shipchandler services in the ports of the Azov-Black Sea coast. Comprehensive provision of ships with food, technical equipment, consumables. We will find and deliver everything you need to prepare the vessel for the voyage.

We work around the clock, we offer a wide range of items, fast delivery and competitive prices. You can order any consumables for vessel maintenance from us. Our ship chandlers deliver lubricants, ropes, combustibles and more directly on board your vessel.

Additionally, you can order services from our partners (cleaning the underwater part of the hull, survey of ships afloat, etc.). We offer comprehensive preparation of ships for voyage, timely repair work, and high-quality products. Call by phone at any time of the day, fill out an application.

Order consumables for the ship

You can order a range of consumables and fluids for ship maintenance from us. To your attention are various oils, fuel, fuel oil, ropes, ropes and more. We work without intermediaries, we cooperate with manufacturers who can offer a reasonable ratio of price and quality of goods.

Wholesale and retail orders are available, we cooperate with any ships. We make delivery within the framework of the contract without delays and delays. If you need ship maintenance, food or equipment, call the number on the site.

5 reasons to cooperate with us

  1. Large base of goods. We have a reliable supplier base and hundreds of thousands of items. You can quickly find everything you need for your flight.
  2. High quality products. We work with manufacturers who guarantee the quality of their products. You will always know what is on your desk, or what brand of spare parts are used for repairs.
  3. Affordable prices. We work without intermediaries, we can offer favorable prices for goods. You buy everything you need without overpayments and intermediaries.
  4. A responsibility. We deliver goods within the framework of the contract, without delays and delays. We help to optimize the cost of providing the vessel.
  5. Round the clock work. Orders are accepted 24 hours a day by phone on the website. Choose everything you need, collect the order and call by phone.

We offer the best ship chandler services in the region, comprehensive provision of vessels of any type. Call today.

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